Friday, November 23, 2018

Take it easy and why i am so happy

Well, happiness is very relative. Some feel happy on something as small as a cadbury silk n some dont feel that elation even when a promotion knocks their door. I find happiness sometimes even when my little gal chuckles or sometimes eating pani poori. Even buying house, property cars does not make me over the moon. Its in the small things as they say. Connecting with an old friend or family always brings cheers to heart and a feeling that family will always love u hamesha and they never fail to bring smile on ur face no matter whats happening around u. So a family member connected after a long time n it gave me immense satisfaction. Now to update i started doing yoga and sudarshan kriya about a month back and one cant imagine what difference it is bringing to my life. I am no more the dauda dauda bhaga bhaga sa mom. I take pleasure in doing things slowly, i plan well, i am waking early, m so energetic through the day, though initially i felt all drained for a week 10 days, but now life is starting for me. To update i had, while chasing my career piled on 10kg of weight in last 3 years n things were not good, health wise also. But life picked up after i started Aol sudarshan kriya n i cant thank the kind lady in our community enough who literally pushed me into this course. So i lost around 3 kgs weight in 43 days of kriya. Although this is also a by product of being regular in meals, sleeping in time n being content which sudarshan kriya is teaching me. I cant really explain but i speak so softly now, i dont give up fast. I dont get worked up n i dont care about anything much. I have such good focus. I know that i need to take care of myself n those around and for that i need to be fit. I took up this program to learn sudarshan kriya but was not expecting anything miraculous, but you have to do it to feel it n witness urself. Ok so that got me thinking today as to how much i had been neglecting myself in the past few years. So new agenda for the new me is

Sudarshankriya daily
Meditation once in two days atleast, i learnt sahaj so gotta dtarr doong it
Gloss n gloss some more, had forgotten lipsticks
Self evaluation n inward looking life
Not dependent on anyone
Long long hair well maintained
Regular head n body massage
Hair pack n mild shampoo
Rica wax schedule every month
Dinner before 7.30pm nothing after that
Improve vocabulary learn 5 words daily before sleep
Facial cream before bed after wake up n wash face
Moisturise feet once in two days
No anger on anyone
Breathe n let go
Enjoy the journey
Live in the moment
Do more and more programs of art of living
Stay inthe ashram n do the next course

So dear readers i began the journey of self discovery after few years of workaholicism and bad work life balance. Something started feeling right just after my first session of kriya. Cant dream of not doing it even a single day since i started. Every person finds his or her calling sometime or later. I found mine and now i am in a happy space. Jai guru dev.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Ayn Rand- The Fountainhead- Its not a book review

I had been meaning to read this book for over a decade. Ordered it on amazon on a listless day. From the first page I knew my life is changed. This book is a must read. It will nourish you like no parent can and charm you like no lover will. Its words will find you during some of your most vibrant moments and some really low ones. The book, the characters will stay with you forever especially Roark. Read it and keep the feeling safe.
The book will raise a lot of questions within you. I am trying to find mine. Happy reading

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

So many woes- one solution

These days a major part of my day is spent on the streets of Hyderabad. Its really hot and scorching sun here, but luckily no madness of the winters of North. I am happy to have come here. The glamour of Hitec City, the quiet of Hussain Sagar, the pristine Golconda, the hustle bustle of Chaar Minar and the awesome roads and numerous gardens makes for a nice city. Amidst the city's goodness i yearn to be a a child again, i long to visit the cities which acted as platforms to send me here, Lucknow, Allahabad, Kanpur, Jabalpur, Rajkot, Dhrangadhara. Small cities, little pleasures, no traffic snarls and loads of time.

I wonder that in spite of reaching where i wanted to, in life, why i don't feel complete and at peace. Why something is always missing. Why i long to go to a quaint town n stay in a rural setting. Sometimes i yearn to be just a housewife and no daily targets and meetings etc. etc. Sometimes i feel fortunate to be working and earning for myself in a stable job. Yet this dualism never stops.

Why human being is never satisfied. Why he wants what he does not have? These yearnings throw me off balance at times, but i have found sitting in silence and yoga to be good solutions for an ever working, wandering being. Deep breathing also helps.

Another perspective could be that we keep evolving constantly, so what interested us 10 years back, we move to something else. We evolve n renew frequently, all that's required is to re-evaluate current reality with aspirations and how to go about it.

So how do u guys stay grounded and at peace?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Picking up the threads

I am writting after a long hiatus. It feels difficult to snatch out even a lil time now that my work profile has changed again. No complaints on that front coz this is what i always wanted to do. But, it is showing me a whole new face of everybody around me at work, i am unable to fathom the competitiveness that makes people lie, unable to understand what is more important than hard work and sincerity. Huh, while i pick up the threads around me, i celebrated yet another Birthday with good wishes of my family and good friends. The fitness n healthy living thing took a lil back seat but not for long. All i understand today is:

1. No matter how well you do in life, where ever you have reached, if you don't get time to sit down n have your breakfast, its really not worth it.

2. I will not hurry from this to the next thing, to the next thing, to the next thing, as i had been doing for years to keep things around me moving. I need to live those moments, i need to breathe, feel, experience the moment i am in, else it is meaningless!

3. My yoga infuses new life in me, each day. So, without doing that, i dont leave the house. On days when i have ignored doing it, i have experienced an irritation, restlessness and paranoia as if something is incomplete. So if you have'nt started doing yoga yet please start some regimen today.

4. Sometimes nothing makes sense around you, but you just have to hang in there and go with the flow until its all as per your liking and comfort..

Sharing some pics from our Hampi trip. We drove down and reached Hampi in 9 hours from Hyderabad.. Its a nice town built on stone architecture and awesome temple vibe, but the roads to Hampi in Karnataka are terrible and you dont have many options to stay as well. We stayed at the only decent Hotel available around 20 kms from Hampi called the Hyatt Place. The service sucks and the swimming pool was poorly maintained. Ughh. This is inside the steel plant and was erstwhile JSW Hotel. We soaked in the monoliths and the magnificent architecture and planning of the town n returned in 2 days.

View from the room

Hyatt place courtyard with an old world charm n Hampi stone

Ganesh Temple, Hampi

Long shot

My cell does not have many pics, so unable to share more. I generally enjoy the place more than clicking pics... and most of those captured are in the digi cam. Anyways, i think those really interested in old temple towns n deep into architecture should visit the place, overall we had a nice break away from city buzz! More so, the thrill of driving with family on undiscovered roads with munchies n drinks is ethereal!!

So long people, take care, n be positive!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fitness secret

This, dear ladies, you should never ever forget.

Promise yourself to exercise for 2 weeks without break. You will get used to the energy, the lightness and the shrinking waist line. And, the effort you put for exercising will make you to constantly monitor your food intake, so there is always a voice asking you whether what u r planning to gulp down adds any value. So it becomes a vicious circle. You keep eating better and exercise as well. After 2 weeks there is no looking back. But be sure that you hang on for 2 weeks, rest will come automatically to you. Meanwhile there are several apps online to track your fitness. Keep it on your cell, visit it often n take inspiration and log updates. Increase water intake, fibre, raw food, whole wheat.

I lost 2 kgs last month.

So whats stopping you

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tracking your fitness journey

Some people use diaries, some journal in app and some just mentally keep a tab of their food intake, exercise and other key areas. I find solace in writting all thats going on. Fitness is no exception. I use this chalkboard n weigh my progress compared to previous day. Just rub off the lastnight jottings n add fresh ones. Keep it honest and doodle all u want. Happy tracking and keep fit.