Regular day amidst corona!

I wake up to chilly winters sorrounded by chirping birds and clouds and mist. I havent seen such beauty and peace and quiet in a long long time. Duke insists on going out and i let him out in the backyard where he is gone for a moment and back the next, braving the cold. We make adrak tea and ponder on when exaclty we are going out for a walk. I keep delaying it. My old, lazy self. Duke is my 8 year old Terrier Lab furry friend. Next is seeing my daughter off to remote school in the room next to mine. Then me and Duke go for our long walk waving neighbours and fellow dog walkers out and about behind the anononimity of the mask. These long walks are those i detest the most before starting and love the most when on my way two blocks off my house. Gives me time to appreciate the natural beauty and helps me make to do lists and goals for the day. Menu for the day and salad combinations get done here! Alas, back at home with breakfast served, home cleaned and dishwasher loaded i grab

The ship with an anchor

Broaden your vision and deepen your roots. You fly higher if you have a place to return to, if you are tethered somewhere. We may travel the world but we always know where we can come back to. My husband and I have been explorers, seekers and quintessentially unpredictable. Expect us to buy a property no one thought was worth and when we start to put our perspective and thought to it people get warmed up to how great it was. Expect us to take out the car at 6am while sipping tea on a weekend, to drive to Rishikesh in India from Delhi, 230 kms, we did that in 2006. We drove 900 km on a Christmas night to celebrate New Years by the sea side Resort. Its been a helluva ride with him and i still wake up each day waiting for wonders to happen. We have been there for each other always. And no matter the situations around us, the fights, the drama, the makeups, we have found a way to keep the big picture alive. We believe in our traditions, we are religious, we help people around us and sleep

Your peace in times of chaos

Gautam Buddha once said ' You yourself, as much as any one else in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection." Your peace is your own to make and preserve! Its your prime responsibility to yourself. You cant let extraneous happenings fill your ears and heart. Care for the words of your closest and no one else. Let toxic people not be a part of your circle. In this fake world where people show fake lives on social media stick to your closest, i dont say dont be an extrovert but you gotta be ruthless in maintaining who you call your own. Dont be swayed by others opinions. Hold your own, care least of what others think and say. Your competition to be better should be with yourself, do not seek external validation. You are your own beacon.Your belief in yourself should be primary and non negotiable. Others words dont mean a thing except if it comes from the closest of the close. Your belief in yourself often ensures whether you fulfil your dreams or not. I have le

Pain- dont let it define you

When I look back on all of these 40 years, I see that I have always channelized my pain to perform my best or ace work or life or clamber mountain tops. This pain was sometimes professional and sometimes personal. Papa always said, 'let problems not define you, defy the problem' ! So, off I went scooting to drown in work, sometimes I found my answers and came out winning. Sometimes, I did not get answers or solutions, yet I always found valuable lessons, too precious to be forgotten. Sometimes I rested and sometimes I moved without a care. On my never ending quest in the corporate I kept on, oblivious of the pains and troubles that I kept surmounting, sometimes ignoring, which I felt became a part and parcel of me. I kept smiling when I lost a friend or a close one either to lack of time to connect or petty politics. I would rather have my attention to patting my back for some little victory somewhere at work or home than sulk or lament! Its been such a beautiful traversing jou

Lockdown Update

While life is going at its unusually slow pace we are making friends with being home, taking care of our elderly, being busy without work, cooking watching random Instagram videos and discovering old friends. I could connect to many old friends and loved to see their growth n journey in last two decades or even more. Did several chats with college friends and met a bunch of school friends online and it just reminded how we are not getting any younger and how friends will always be friend. They cheer you and pull your leg like no one else can. I remember something from Little Things on Netflix which went on something like school and old friends are your connection to the past and who know you as you. Don't remember the exact lines, but yeah it did hit hard and is so true. With good old friends you don't need pretensions and they take you away from the rut. Well I have been studying a lot, what with assignments, exams and zoom classes. Its a time to be grateful to each single per


It has been going on for a while now. Is this the world we want to give to our children? Why were we not prepared forthis? Why human being the most intelligent species on earth with such technological advanvements could not beat this. Why we let it spread? Why we chose to be so ignorant, greedy and unprepared as a race? We just dont have enough answers As I write this I am following a 3 day silence programme which i had planned to do a week back, but owing to a bunch of munchkins living with me who made puppy faces to dissuade me, I decided otherwise. But as soon as I saw a call for this silence programme by Art of living, I was hooked. I already feel some sort of order, some sort of therapeutic cleansing happening inside me. I feel so patient as well, maybe tolerant also. Lets see how far I am able to do this. Lockdown has indeed been eerily discomforting, when I see abandoned streets, empty parks, disolate restaurants, bars, grumpy people on the road, mostly out to grab groceri

Sudarshan Kriya and me

Iam back to the blog. I slowed down things at work end and took an extended leave. While I am studying and being with my family, I get time to reflect. And then i analyse a lot like a true Virgo. Mostly myself, my selfless loving family, life and my priorities. I have begun to like not being rushed, having time to read new books, to just breathe, to see the big picture and voila i have time to meditate and practice Sudarshan Kriya. In these times when the world around is so chaotic the kriya fills me with hope and positivity. It energises me to take each day head on. They say when life gives u lemons,,,, make lemonade what else. So while I heal from years of tireless hardwork and self neglect kriya helps me to connect dots better. I realised Whatever happens it happens for a reason. Whatever hardships you go through god always has a plan for you. It is ok to slowdown and catch your breath, its ok to live each day as it comes, it is ok to not have a plan. I was this control freak who