Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Great Expectations

As working women we take a lot of favors, in order to let our lives go on happily while we jiggle myriad roles with deft and efficiency, remain productive at work and contribute to family and society.

These favors are generally taken from the spouse, parents, some from the in laws, relatives and few from the employers also.

Things are fine when people understand. But it is wrong to expect that they will return the favor. Give people around you space and learn to accept that they can say ‘No’ too! Have expectations only from yourself and yeah from your battery of staff, maybe maids, drivers etc.! And no one else! When things don’t happen your way it leads to negativity, unhappiness and loss of rapport.

So let there be merry, do not sulk if you are told ‘No, not this time’! Find ways to help yourself and gather support from some other source. Make working a great experience for yourself and your family. Don’t let it become a burden on you and keep smiling and work at being HAPPY!

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