Friday, February 3, 2012

Fitness Diary - I

Making some basic changes in my lifestyle is slowly helping me get back in shape. I am broad structured and ideally my weight should be 63-65 kg, while i weigh 73 kgs right now. Slowly i will reach there!

What am I doing on the fitness front? Something right only coz I feel light, I am able to get into some of my older clothes, i also have higher stamina, I feel healthy and i know this is for keeps, it's no fad diet, its no starving. i eat my meals, space them every 2 hours, eat early and wind up meals early,avoid fats, incorporate raw and whole foods and add in some more activity and do the gym.

1. Wake up early, by 5.30, skip@200, do suryanamaskar set of 10 or crunches (100) before I leave for work and before I start my household daily chores, meanwhile I keep a watch on my daughter as she sleeps.

2. Made a deal with self to atleast have three fruits a day, my first fruit is at 6.00 am.

3. Finish my breakfast by 0730 am

4. Eat fresh raw veggies and fruits, just after I get them from the market. I wash them well before transferring to the fruit bowl in the lounge, easy to reach and eat!

5. I take it easy and eat really slow and chew food well

6. Keep dry fruits in air tight container at home and work within reach, heard someone say that a handful is all you need in a day.

7. Have made a healthy snack of laiyya ( some call it mamra), chivda, chana dal,peanuts and corn flakes. All roasted in half atsp of oil, heeng, kari patta. Yummy snack and very wholesome, helps my 11 am hunger pangs

8. Take stairs when I get back from work.

9. Have manual treadmill at home, which was primarily being used as a clothes line until early December this year. So I have installed it in my lounge, where I can’t hang clothes, it’s visible to all, it cannot gather dust and constantly reminds me to get onto it. While my daughter does her drawing on the carpet, I snatch some running on the thingy. 20 mins max, makes me sweat and feel really good.

10. Try to take my li’l one to park in the evening i do my stretches while she plays.

11. If I skip my suryanamaskar then I atleast do my 200 skips.

12. Wind up my dinner which has carbs, by 6.45 pm and and finish with a glass of milk, when hunger strikes again.

13. Go really early to the gym on the weekends

14. Have stopped nibbling daughter’s leftovers aka cheese paratha etc!

15. Started black chana for bfast, will soon add sprouts ofblack chana and moong

16. I try to deep breathe whenever I can, even while driving to or from work.

17. I listen to my tummy, I stop eating when I feel I am done, even if there;s still some left in the platter.

And yeah never feel defeated, keep at it, I don’t regret small binges when I gulp the entire burger sometimes on the weekend or when I have samosa with breadrolls on mother’s birthday! I know my goal is a healthier tomorrow, and will do it all to remain fit and also enjoy my journey too.


  1. Hey Riya Awesome post! Thanks to my little one I could read it in 5 installments :)
    Me too working out for a Healthy Lifestyle!
    I am weighing 63 as of now and I need to go back to my Pre-marriage weight ie: 54-54 Just hope M able to do it slowly and gradually but be consistent in it.
    Good Luck to you too!

    1. thanx nidhi for your response n motivation.i visited ur blog and must say its gr8!

  2. Hi Riya, another great post. you are a goal getter and am sure all things are possible. even i weighed the same as you before I started on my weight loss trip and so far it's been good. though i am a lazy person, i strive hard and surely exercising is the only way to lose pounds. good luck, buddy!

    1. Hi Coral, thanx a ton. Just trying to lead a healthier life.Are you more into yoga as i found some wonderful yogic asanas?

  3. Thanks Riya for this post! I need little motivation for working out, I need to shed some kilos! I'm new follower :)

    1. Welcome Uzma, what's your activity level like? bring in some activity, you could start with a simple 15 min brisk walk, and gradually increase the timing . I did some running today, though my feet hurts, i feel gr8. workout stops me from reaching out to junk, since i know the hard work involved in burning it.

  4. have u read Rujuta Diwekar's books? great to see someone following what she says

    1. Ya i have read 'don't lose your mind lose weight' diligently, but much before that book i have been reading articles spread across the net on fitness and healthy living. It all just needs to be applied!

  5. I haven't been working out for a long time and eating unhealthy ... I really need to move my ass!!!

    ♡ from ©

    1. hi, i keep reading ur fitness section so very frequently, go read the motivation links and get back to working out!

  6. lovely post dear :) i too am trying to lose weight for a long time.. your tips will surely help me :)