Friday, October 11, 2013

Healthy from within -II

Ok…last week was chaotic, busy and stressful. But inspite of all the chaos and mess around me I managed to do my 30 minute walk. Now this is not gym I am talking about. This is a meandering walk through the open environs and fresh air. The fellow joggers change everyday, the vibe, the air and the tranquility does not. In crowded cities too, if you look around, you happen to find small pockets of greens, areas full of trees and fresh air. This area in my neighbourhood is not an ideal walk track but its sorta nice. This road is purgative and its forgiving to me and my soul. It provides me the vent I need, the fitness I crave and the focus I desire! Last few years spent at Mumbai, Delhi and Lucknow, i could somehow always find such amazing sorroundings somewhere lurking around. I am slowly building my pace and my stamina. I am able to manage myself n my stress better n thus the family stays happier!

I am eating ok…Partial binges of motichoor laddu brought by my loving papa for Dussehra does not count. So, all in all fitness lies in front and in face. Not at the back of mind and end of year resolution diary.

Some good beginnings this week could be:
1. Honey, lemon, warm water concoction daily, first thing in morning

2. Even stopped my early morning ‘wake me up’ tea

3. Breakfast before 8 am

4. Deep breathing is sooooooo good for people like us, who multitask everyday. These days its more multitasking at work than at home, or its just that I have learnt my way to be a good mom and a housemaker or is it homemaker? I deep breathed through a boring presentation, a management conference, driving. Just like that. These 5 minutes bring you clarity of thought n a lot of focus!

5. Started 5 min stretching which is awesome….regular stretching taught in our PT class at school should help you fine

6. Trying to stop worrying, planning fretting! Take each moment as it comes! Sink myself into it. This helps me avoid snacking too much! Live in the moment n forget yesterday n tomorrow, cant do much about both!


  1. this is super motivating for me, i stopped breathing today through heavy traffic and the honking buses that I gave myself a migraine. now i am just doing that, breathing deeply.

  2. Hi coral, deep breathing actually makes you more aware...i feel iam less robotic too..

  3. Btw, like ur new profile pic!