Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What makes u happy?

Paani puri
Lil ones smile
her saying good mrng
smell of rain
hair cut
Choosing a nice lipcolor
ma papa at my home
driving on an empty road
High decibel music
Watching the lil one play
hot cuppa adrak chai
smell of winter
Maggi (original masala)
Dominos choco lava cake hot
long drives
Leisure moments spent doing nothing with him
lovely pair of shoe
novels on a sunday noon
late night movies
Candle lit bathrooms

what makes u happy? U must jot it down to recreate those magical moments often in ur life...


  1. that's a lovely list of things. even i love my parents coming over and staying which they never do. this list is what life's about

  2. Ya coral,,,that's life when it happens the way u want it...even my parents came to my place after ages, but when they do, its childhood revisited...

  3. Thanks a lot for your comments on my blog. I like your list of small things :) especially maggie!

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