Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ultimate gadget for the working mom

I longed for this epilator since i was in school n was about to start my swimming classes. We could not afford it then n over the years i forgot about it. Until i found a lady on a beauty blog talk about it. My childhood dream was rekindled and i immediately ordered one from flipkart.

This is byfar the best life saver gadget for the working mom, of course after the mobile..which is no more a gadget but a part of you..Ultimate saviour for women like me who are on the go. M sure a lot of women out there struggle to find time for their regular waxing etc while handling demanding jobs, kids, spouse, home management. Therefore for this segment Silk-epil is a boon. No parlour visits, no hygiene issues to bother about. You can do your waxing at your leisure n convenience. Its a necessity for working moms n a complete miracle product.

I am not reviewing this product coz I am sure umpteen would be available online. Find one that catches your fancy and budget n stay groomed. Its as good as waxing and the experience is not as painful as waxing, you just need to get used to to it. So ladies stay groomed, stay happy


  1. was thinking of buying one since a couple of weeks but not able to decide which one to

    1. I have silk epil7..its amazing..gr8 battery life...can be used in shower...has a cute guiding light ...I find epilation of even long hair easy peasy in this...though its usp is epilation of really tiny hair....phew..I found this gr8888...

  2. Hi rupa...Very little compared to waxing.