Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ushering in 2015

I spent the new years at the Varun Beach, Vizag. We squeezed in a lil time to reach the beach. The road from Hyderabad to Vizag is great. We drove down to Vijaywada, then to Vizag via Rajamundry. The drive was breathtaking, the rice fields , dancing palm trees, the slight winter chill. I experienced a beautiful evening when it drizzled around sun set, while driving through the highway near Rajamundhry. Driving on that road was surreal. The countryside is so beautiful that you wil yearn living on some farm on the way, do nothing but watch transition of morning to evening and evening to a beautiful starry night. You would want to do nothing but sip tea in the verandah and smell the rich aroma of wet soil in the air.

Lets get back to the trip, we had packed Veg Biryani with us so that kept us full. Quick tea/ bhutta pit stops were taken n we reached within 10 hours. We stayed at Novotel, Varun Beach and had a good time. Though the property is good, they can improve the customer orientation and have some sort of a travel desk, which can plan some trips nearby. We ushered in new year sipping flavoured tea, each one in the family recollected what was the best part of the year? We watched the violent sea from our room. The view was beyond gorgeous and then we partied.

Vizag is about 620 kms from Hyderabad. It is a small beach town flanked by mountains and not much to do except Kailashgiri which is a hilltop park with awesome view of the city, ocean, mountains alike. The drive on the beach road takes you to some awesome spots where the ocean is so pristine and the mountains so imposing. Its like coming face to face with your true self amidst nature in its untouched form.

I went for a 3 day break, 2 days were spent driving. These 3 days away from incessant phone calls, office pressure, early mornings and the usual chaos of working moms life, pumped new energy into me.. I kept thinking what should this year be about? Technically only the date changes but we live in a continuum and this change of date forces us out of our cocoons and shake ourselves take some dust off our weary selves.

Was deep in reflection on what should matter and not matter to me this year?

1- Good health, not just a loss of weight should be good, read master health check up, salty morning gargles for my sore throat, limiting junk to once a week, yoga, tulsi in morning, garlic pods , running on weekends
2- Enhance my education.
3- Start building that dream house
4- Bonding time with my lil one n ya my parents who r so so far away
5- Stop running away from difficult people n issues, Forget the insults, remember the good times n words
6- Treat myself to a trek to himalayas,. Sleep under the stars reading my fav books, fill up my lungs with the purest air on earth.
7- Meetup with my best friend Foram
8- Stop blaming people for what is wrong around me n take action to improve my life
9- Take care of myself- read spa, spa n some more spa time.


  1. Hi. Though it's a little late, Wish you a happy new year. For sore throat, i drink ginger tea or just ginger steeped in hot water. I leave it in the pan for an hour and keep sipping it through the day. also, there is this ayurveda jam, when i have sore throat troubles, i take a quarter tsp of it and it's really helping. it's called Thamboola rasayanam. I don't trust all the medical pharmacies as some of them don't offer a strong enough preparation. I specially buy mine from Kannur in Kerala. there is this pharmacy called Sreesadan or Shreesadhan...not sure of the spelling. they are very good. i always keep one bottle with me per year for fevers, sore throat and such things

  2. Hi coral. Happy new year dear. N tonnes of thx. Planning to visit kerala n will get hold of thamboola rasayanam. Sore throats trouble me since I was a kid. Only thing that ever helped ne was gargles. Will try this n ginger water now

  3. hi riya... awesome pics.. makes me want to visit this place..

  4. Hey Suprya, you must. Its a serene lovely place, where u can just lounge around and njoy yourself!