Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fitness and lots of learnings

Weight loss was what i kept looking at and tried to manage for several years. It was never about good health or skin, avoiding diseases, ageing without exorbitant hospital bills, my bone health, my stress levels. I gained and lost and gained again to lose. But i constantly had this at the back of my mind to eat healthy, avoid biscuits, too much oil etc. etc. Yet, the struggle was always there. The change started about an year back when i was gaining inspite of my constant feeling of being on diet. i cared lil about late night snacks, binges of bakery products etc. Yet now that age is catching up and i am more aware of diseases that happen due to junk overload in our bodies, the whole relationship with food is changing. Instagram accounts of people following paleo diets, of moms on other side of the globe in search of good food options for growing kids, of healthy individuals incorporating fruits, raw vegetables more and more has led me to think and change. These little changes are helping my family and me a lot. I touched 70 Kgs recently and its a big feat for me. Few months back it was 83 kgs. You might also benefit from these lil changes

1. Start with adding a big bowl of salad to your lunch and eventually for dinner also
2. Pack your home cooked food as much as you can, i pack a box of salad for hubby's lunch box also
3. Decrease your dairy intake. Too much dairy has been linked to cancers. For my calcium needs i have just started a supplement
4. Decrease carb intake
5. Sauted vegetables for indian style sabjis, rather than good tadka and then addition of veggies in that tadka.
6. I try to finish my dinner by 7pm. Difficult but achievable. I carry my dinner to work now. Since it gets late before i touch home. It is usually dal and veggie
7. Incorporate raw garlic
8. Snack on almonds, peanuts (not haldiram sorts, just roasted at home)
9. I have removed tadka from dal. I just season dal with cumin seeds, ginger, garlic, tomato paste while cooking itself. The high temperature at which we take ghee and then add seasoning seems really unhealthy.
10. Reduced rice, maida, salt,
11. Avoid deep frying food as much as you can.
12. Increased water
13. Started deep breathing and a brisk walk and badminton with daughter
14. Increase your fibres more and more.
15. I have shifted to chemical free skin and hair care

You can read up on the above and incorporate only what you feel suits your health profile and priorities. I am no doctor. But i read up so please folLow based on your own judgement. Good luck for good health.


  1. now thats for an army kid!!

  2. hey after ur reading ur list, realisation dawned that age really is catching up and there's lots to do... will surely like to make a number of changes in my diet

    1. Ya Supriya. Start today, eat well, exercise and select healthy options each day, every time.

  3. I'm with you on this. it's so nice to see how you are taking care of yourself. i've just gained a lot of weight with the sedentary lifestyle I got accustomed but going to hit back the gym with a vengeance but also have to tweak my diet first. :)

    1. Hi Coral. Thanks. I have touched 35 and i have realised not to take life and good health for granted. I loved your last post. Love your blog