Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Tracking your fitness journey

Some people use diaries, some journal in app and some just mentally keep a tab of their food intake, exercise and other key areas. I find solace in writting all thats going on. Fitness is no exception. I use this chalkboard n weigh my progress compared to previous day. Just rub off the lastnight jottings n add fresh ones. Keep it honest and doodle all u want. Happy tracking and keep fit.


  1. I use a chalkboard too, usually for my study stuff and keeping track of things like that. I think this is really cool. way to go :)

  2. wow.. really cool idea.. skips as in with rope?

    1. Ya, skipping rope. The ones we used as kids. :-)
      Try it Supriya, it will make u a child again and it ups your heart rate, which is a good exercise.