Thursday, June 4, 2015

Before I die

Whatever the title might suggest, i am not ill or dying. Yet I forever wanted to list things I wanted to do or experience before mortality strikes, so here I go, however silly it may sound.

1. Climb a mountain and spend night under the stars reading in night lamp.
2. See lil one graduate
3. Get celebrity makeup and attire and get clicked
4. Do something for abandoned girls
5. Live in a cabin house for few months every year
6. Grow my own fruits and vegetables one day and live in an open farm
7. Spend some time in Auroville

If you are reading this, do write down what is it that you must must do in this lifetime and please do it dear friend, coz these rich experiences and moments that make you alive is what real life is. Start making plans on how do u fulfill that list and give a pat on your back whenever you reach any milestone.

Cheers to life!


  1. Hi supriya. Auroville is a universal city built on the vision of Sri Aurobindo. Its near Pondicherry.

    1. thx riya.. i saw it online.. it's awesome! tym to prepare my wishlist too :)