Friday, March 19, 2010


For our breed, a dream house is nothing but a house where clothes are not strewn on sofas, treadmill and god knows what all other never imagined places. The house is dusted, gadgets are in place, chimney is clean, gas burner is sparkling! covers are where they are meantto be, for example tv cover on tv and not on sofa! microwave cover on microwave and not on the cabitet!the laundry piles are not skyrocketing. well if all this sounds familiar to you, please stop fretting! I don't have a magic trick waiting to be told, but a thot which needs to be shared! when m back from work, when my baby has had her dinner, when i am through my own dinner, basically when all is done......i take out 10 mins, believe me 10 mins now will save you hours of worry later, which will better your heart and well being....i take a big bag/ bucket and and start from one room and pick up 'not supposed to be here items' and pile in the tub. if it belongs to the room, try to keep it in it's place....when u go to the room where it belongs u can either keep it there or if u don;t have even that much energy, do this sorting from the big X-Y-Z TUB, early before your shower or the first thing when u get up. i wake up at 5.30am and find getting up early the best thing i have done probably in years. 10 mins morning 10 mins evening is all that u need. keep dusting,display of cooking skills, cleanup of kitchen top, chimney for weekends. 30 mins in the weekend is all u need for these weekend jobs! ask ur family to pitch in! learn to delegate and deliberately let go...........please......!and above all- lines which are helping me a lot these days, read them somewhere....'try not to look for perfection in all that you do', njoy and chillaxe!

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