Saturday, June 6, 2015

Aging, how do you reverse it and a challenge

I was sitting in my office yesterday and was candidly remarked on office profile pic of mine which had been taken fairly recently. I was told, lo and behold that how old is this pic? When I remarked fairly recently I was told oh you have aged so much. Now this pic is just 3 years and yet people said that I had aged big time.

What the heck? Hey, hang on! I use good creams, i feel happy using them. I am ok with XL clothes also. I shop healthy at the supermarket, I don't have wrinkles, I am just 35. Yet i am aging. No please. Here I was sitting after a good bath, feeling good after some 6 hours of sleep and my schedules were fairly good these days, compared to last two hellish years. Yet, I had aged and big time! Ok! Fine!

However hard i tried to ignore the parlance of this morning, I have aged and fairly fast at that. But why? Now, what is aging? This is what I asked coz I wanted answers and quick ones. Was it ok or bad to age? Its ok if you age as time progresses, but accelerated aging is not IN. I pant after taking stairs, my knees hurt. I am overworking, I am stressed and irritated. All of this is a viscous circle. I realise the need to slow down and take it easy. Accelerated aging has caught me from nowhere.

What had I been doing wrong until now and where had I been? Was it the stress or was it lack of good sleep, or was it my shit load of caffeine, or the fact that I took work so damn seriously that I had stopped living. Or my constant edginess due to my weight or blood pressure or what not. Something was not right. The question stands there in front of me like a dirty acne mark on the models face on the morning of the shoot. I googled and read and read some more on AGING and voila it seemed what was inside mattered more than what was outside. Hey ok, i know the jig about fresh fruits but this fresh fruit and healthy living and deep breathing stuff was soooo big . I didn't know. So what is the plan? The plan is this list (I often think the name of this blog should be 'The List'

Drinks: Fresh fruits and vegetables, juices not canned, coconut water
Deep colored fruits
Chaas not chai
Sugar free
Coconut oil-its paleo and good for cooking
Grilled food
Follow to the T my posts on fitness
Eat early dinner, no arbit time snacking
start a multivitamin in consultation with adoc
I have a hunch that my weight is a very vital factor in my aging process :-(

Emotional Health
Happiness- Hobby, Expectations no more, Argue less, Destress in distress
Unmobile/ disconnect
Listen to my favorite Music
Read Books I always wanted to read
Practice Silence
Deep breathing in fresh air
Less weekend outings - As it leaves me lil time to prepare and plan for the week ahead when I reach home at 11pm after outing for whole day. The same malls, food joints, pizza etc. We keep doing the whole unhealthy food in weekend thing and feed nonsense to kids as well, and come back emotionally and physically drained!!
Be in the moment and forget everything else, after all we get this one life. Don't rush to the next one, before experiencing this one.

Sleep in time and wake up early
Sun protection
No more junk
Curd, besan, haldi pack on daily basis
Almond oil in night for face

Go for full body massage for relaxation
start back outdoor games with lil one

What do you all think should I do to reverse aging? Is there a formula out there. Do share. I give myself 3 months to make changes and feel better and maybe age at a lesser speed. This pic is a reference to what I am today and hoping for good times to come.

Much Love,


  1. You have amazing skin. I think all the changes would be nice especially since most of it's holistic. I started working out a few days ago but then got ill and down with viral. it made me think so much about how we chase youth and beauty but instead we should just focus on ourselves. The youth may go away but we can maintain our bodies for a long time in good health. We are ever changing, we can never look the same way we did at age 15 or 20 or heck! sometimes not even how we looked yesterday.

  2. Thanks. Hey so true coral. But my concern is accelerated aging. Not just skin but health, good holistic health.

  3. Hope you are better and viral is out! Get well soon

  4. i genuinely liked your emotional health pointers...