Friday, April 23, 2010

Count your blessings

My mother would always say "count your blessings" when i would crib or complain about how life was being unfair to me, though the matter at hand was trivial. i did not pay attention then, to those 3 magic words until yesterday.

While ferrying my daughter to her nani's place last morning, i saw on the roadside, labour women living in shanties made of tarpaulin, some bamboo and xyz(typical urban rejects or waste) with no comforts, no gadgets, no electricity, no source of potable water nearby, no HOUSE, typical condition of crores of our country people living below poverty line. These women were carrying their kids in one hand, some were cooking, some trying to fetch some water, some attending kids, some staring in infinity, probably at some ray of hope, some oppurtunity that could come their way and help them make a living maybe help them get their next meal.

I was being driven in an air conditioned, chauffeured car! how could i complain, i had so much to thank god for. how can i stress out over: never ending to do lists at work, at home, meeting deadlines, trying to make life work, trying to snatch a couple of hours of sleep at night.....i did not have the right.,

life is beautiful, we have so many oppurtunities and truly we are blessed to have this kind of life... we have so much working for us...yet we complain...let us resolve NOT TO COMPLAIN AND REVEL AND RELISH WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN US, WHAT WE HAVE MADE OF OURSELVES, WHAT HAPPINESS OUR CHIDREN BRING TO US... let us resolve to live! let us resolve to count our blessings.

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  1. hey riya,
    m not a mom yet ya but a married working doctor, with parents in law at home.u have a nice blog. keep making others life simple through ur tips like this only