Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beat the Blues

We all get bogged down by something or other at some point of our lives, be it an over demanding boss, a nagging relative, inconsiderate colleagues, a bossy mother-in-law, a bad day at work …just about anything......the list is endless….There are times when you just don’t have a choice and you gotto go with the flow.
Don’t dampen your spirits . We do not have rewind or forward buttons in our lives, we just have to go through it and It’s upto you to take it in your stride or be moved by the tide!
Ladies, live life to the full and get over it! Let me tell you that as I write this post, I know deep within, how hard this can be. Easier said than done. But, baby steps in the right direction can keep you happy and chirpy. How I do it, you may read:

1. Talk : share your feelings with someone you trust!

2. Start Exercising: You get in shape and get the endorphins in the system, happiness hormones they say. You can start with a 30 min brisk walk. Also helps to clear your head.

3. Deep breathe: Take a stroll in natural surroundings and don’t think about your problems. First it takes your mind off the problems and after some time you may gain a fresh perspective. The best it might do is that your problems may not seem as intimidating.

4. Hobby: If you don’t have one, develop one and invest time in it. It could be learning something absolutely new or enrolling yourself for the cookery class/ guitar class/ salsa class….or the guitar class you have forever been lusting for!

5. Maintain an abundance diary: Read somewhere that Oprah recommends one. Keep writing here things in your life that you are grateful for!

6. Get involved in community projects: helps create a sense of well being when you give back to society.

7. Get active at work place: volunteer for new initiatives, will bring you recognition and also give you loads of satisfaction.

8. Pamper yourself: get a trendy new hairstyle, or head to the spa, get a body massage or pedicure done. The options are endless. Will leave you happy and rejuvenated

9. Retail Therapy: Shop till you drop. Buy that coveted dress you were eyeing since forever and wear it today.

10. Visit relatives/ friends you are comfortable with and those who don’t dampen your spirits further.

11. Play with the kids.

12. Listen to your favourite music, loud!

13. Eat a lovely meal, my go to food is a double cheese pizza and a fat burger.

Above all, keep the faith. Believe in yourself. You can sail through this!!

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