Friday, September 23, 2011

Promises to keep: 32nd birthday

Last week I celebrated my birthday. While digging into a lovely black forest cake it clicked somewhere SUDDENLY that life is very beautiful, I was surrounded by people I loved and it could’nt have been better! These last 10 years had seen me graduate from college, struggle really hard to get this job, get posted to a metro i dreaded to be alone in-Mumbai, eventually find love, get married to the one I loved, build a beautiful nest with my soulmate and the best part- welcome a new family member, who makes me skip a heart beat everytime I look at her. The numbers to my age made me wiser, calmer and patient. All these years birthdays had been celebrated with the same energy warmth and love. I made resolutions, slept over them only to come up with similar newly worded ones the next year. Let’s see if this year could be different for I am going to keep them as promises to myself and my family! Does that sound newly worded……naaaaaaaaaaah!

1. I have to eat healthy and reduce junk to once a week, increase water and fruits

2. I must start my day with soaked almonds

3. I have to use my gym membership thrice a week atleast

4. I have to skip the beautiful pink rope thrice a week, start with 100.

5. I need to play at-least an hour outdoors with my daughter, even on the busiest workday

6. I must look for the positive in the toughest of the circumstances

7. I need to emotionally detach from people who make me unhappy

8. I must connect to my relatives every week, they are just a phone call away

9. I must revamp my wardrobe and on weekends go for ‘fashion’ than ‘comfort’

10. I must start putting on some makeup, atleast when we go out in the evenings

11. I must visit the stores during the sale periods

12. I must try a new recipe or a new cuisine at least once in a fortnight

13. I must start reading again, probably buy a book a month, Landmark isn’t far

14. I must learn something new.

15. I must not take it to heart and learn to let go of my ego…………toughest one haan.....


  1. I love making such lists ... makes me remember things much more than when I simply pan in my head! :)

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  2. Same here. You can stick them ob your fridge when nothing works.