Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Fitness Rules

Most of us take fitness for granted, we feel it is important to take a gym membership, it is important to take resolutions to walk, run, skip the rope etc. but to have health incorporated in our lifestyles is often overlooked. While staying with my parents for the past month, I realized that sooner or later we are all going to be old and will be lucky, if, by that age we don’t have diabetes, heart ailments etc. My parents have both. Now, since genes play a part in the inheritance of diseases….hahahaha, it becomes utmost important that HEALTH IS ON THE AGENDA MOST TIMES. Make it a priority and a ‘way of life’.

I had been very fit some 4 years back, and had worked very hard to lose weight and had managed to keep it that way. As a result even after my daughter was born I was back to my original weight within few months. But as time passed I conveniently forgot all about this fitness talk. When my weight started piling up I found a great excuse in ‘ there’s hardly any time for workout’.

But doing things out of the ordinary is what keeps the spice on in life. For past 10 days, I am doing most of what I have listed below! During my struggle to get back on my fitness schedule i chanced upon reading the awesome Tanvii from and reading her fitness section, it refreshed my mind back to why fitness is so very important.

Presently I am on the wrong side of the weighing scale and if i get bogged down with the number of kgs I need to lose, i will easily lose heart and end up no where, but if there are attitudinal changes to health, it will be win-win...i eat and stay healthy, and this will help me in my weight management as well. So some of my golden rules for a healthier take on life:

1. Fitness has to become a way of life rather than imposed on self to get the hour glass figure, I should be FIT INSIDE.
2. Gym twice a week on the weekend.
3. 30 mins brisk walk thrice a week. Take up running from Feb 2012. Try to walk to your errand, nearby grocery shop, tailor, ATMetc. etc!
4. 10 suryanamaskars each day
5. Crunches on lean days ( when I did nothing from the above)
6. Deep breathe, whenever I can
7. 3 fruit servings each day
8. Try to eat every 2 hours
9. Curd: 5 times a week as mid morning snack
10. Start the day with soaked almonds
11. Include more greens in meals. Winters are the best time to do it
12. Take multivitamin each day
13. Include a salad in lunch and dinner, even if it is peeled carrot or washed tomatos on the side.
14. Sunday indulgence: 1 helping of fried snacks aka breadroll, cutlet, bhajiya, vada
15. Go for multigrains ata, and whole wheat bread/ pasta
16. Eat right and take time in proper chewing, this alone can help in a big big way
17. Try to wind up dinner before 8pm and no meals will be done while watching tv.
18. 10 glasses of water a day.
19. Be happy


  1. Riya the 1st 4 points bowled me over.. I mean M a Health freak and take care of fitness as well..but this routine is tough to follow.. Shall I assume u must be very well maintained beauty!

  2. thnx a lot, its not tuf, i alternate between each activity from 2nd to leaves enuf room for other activities, also i manage my time well!