Monday, January 23, 2012

Peaceful Mornings

A little thought and planning in the evening helps you sail smooth the next day to work, gives enough time for morning exercise which actually sets the tone of the day. This takes only 15 odd minutes and prevents unnecessary huffs and puffs in the morning and keeps me and my family happy and smiling. I usually am ready before my lil one wakes up, so that I give undivided attention to her. Here are small things that I do, that help me

1. Weekdays:I wake up early and for that I wind up by 10 the previous night.

2. I keep my office attire for the next morning ready in the dressing room, along with my shoes/ hair accessory like bands/ ruffles etc.

3. I keep my watch, lipstick and kajal in my handbag, which are worn when I reach work.

4. I always keep moisturizer, Kaya face wipes, travel size perfume and deodrant handy in my bag and office desk.

5. I keep daughter’s school bag, my purse, my laptop in a cabinet by the entrance. I ready the kiddo bag the previous night saves time during mad dash offs to school and work.

6. Keep everybody’s tiffin box cleaned and laid on a tray for morning fills, saves time searching for boxes.

7. I plan in advance on what goes in the meals the next day; helps get the meals done in seconds. For meal preps you may ref in weekend preps here

8. I keep washed apples, apricots, grapes etc. near respective office bags only to be shoved in lunch bags.

9. I keep a tab on my car fuel levels and tyre pressure etc and get the same done on way back home in evening to prevent delays in the morning.

10. I get the car serviced regularly to have a smooth rev up to the day.

11. I have an organizer always with me, which keeps a schedule of my activities time-wise, this enables me to get everything done in the time available on weekdays.


  1. wow! such a cool post. no wonder it's titled peaceful mornings! you are so organized!! love the tips

    1. Thanx Coral, its how i am able to enjoy life to full!

  2. Hey,
    I have been going through your blogs for a long time now. You have wonderfully enlisted so many helpful things. Kudos and thanks. I also have two kids. M sure the tips will go a long way. waiting for next blog.

    1. Thanks swati, m really glad u like it. How old are your kids? mine just turned 3.

  3. Wow Riya , great tips :) ... !!