Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fitness Diary - II

My dresses fit me better, I am energetic, though my knee hurts while climbing stairs these days. I can walk much more without feeling fatigued. I feel lighter and my digestion has improved

1. Never stop doing your exercise, whatever be the circumstances, be it a brisk walk around your lawn/ sprint upto the local grocery or getting up from the computer to get the photo copy or going upto someone else’ seat just to say hi. Fitness experts say it is important to avoid sitting for long durations and get up at least every 30 minutes.

2. Keep exercising however little it is, say if u doing 10 suryanamaskars a day, and on a holiday u are’nt able to find time for all 10 then you can do 5, which ways u don’t end up losing the flexibility your body has gained while exercising, your muscles retain the strength to keep working out and you feel good.

3. Keep variety in your activities, as in, on a day when I did no yoga, walking or gym I took the li’l one to a nearby park, we ran a lot, played the ball and had a good time.

4. Keep your portions low and totally avoid sweets: read chocolate cake, pastries

5. While going out to a restaurant where you know you won’t get many healthy food options eat something healthy beforehand, say a fruit, a bowl of dal, I also drink loads of water before heading out these days.

6. Changing my outlook to life has really helped me gain a better insight on food. I don’t seek a certain weight or size, I am doing my bit everyday and pushing my limits every now and then to be happy and healthy.

7. I also chanced upon kriskris blog which I found pretty informative. he has also linked in some paleo docs and their blogs where I chanced upon ketosis etc. I spent some time researching and found that when applied to my vegetarian diet all I could do is:

- Reduce my carbs, even pulses have carbs. Have designed a meal plan having 120gm carbs a day. I know it is less but hey I am not lactating, I m not doing a lot of physical activity, guess it should be ok, my 120 gm carb diet starts today, follow this diet for one month, see results then reduce it to 100 gm next month. I have been told initially there will be some fatigue. Whoa! Last thing I need these days, but think I can do it.Need to order my multivits now.

- Start soyabean which is a fairly low carb protein for me.

- Start eggs again.

- Start oatmeals, never liked them, but with enlightenment on its nutritional profile, need to give it a chance.

- Not avoid my glass of milk

- AVOID POTATO,it was a staple in my meals, as in every meal. We made no veggie without potato, One medium potato has about 26 gms of carbs. High GI food

- AVOID RICE: 1 small cup has 30gms of carbs. High GI food

- Too much of fruit too is not good either.

- Part ways with pasta and noodles

- A handful of peanut can be a gr8 snack.

- Kala chana 1 cup is going to be my good friend for long, it keeps me full like nothing before. I just soak it overnight and then pressure cook 8-10 whistles and add roasted cumin powder, ginger flakes, salt, coriander, chilli wedges, lemon, yummy fooooooood

- 3 meals and 1 snack a day diet for a month, lets see if i find it workable.

- Minimize emotional stress…be happy and smiling


  1. Carb intake it fine. Incorporate protein sources like eggs, low fat milk, chicken, fish, paneer made from skimmed milk instead of extra carbs. We need more proteins than carbs.
    And healthy fats like olive oil, nuts and flax seeds


  2. Ya true, but I dont eat chicken fish etc, though take eggs, so now finding low carb proteins is the key...!

  3. Great tips! I'm trying to eat healthier too. =)

  4. Hi Riya..This sounds interesting, Do tellme how did it work out..
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