Monday, March 12, 2012

Fitness Diary - III

I lost 3 kgs in the past month. I am on seventh heaven and this made me stick more religiously to my schedule. I have’nt gone overboard with anything, neither killing myself working out nor starving. I am trying to live a healthy lifestyle, am happy the way I feel and look. I am learning something everyday about good health, fitness, nutrition. It’s just that I was not looking for such insight earlier. The more you look for solutions, the more you find them!

U can be what you really really want to be!

Why am I writing these diaries, firstly to help me track what I am doing, refer back what was done right on the fitness front and stick to the solutions found. Well its archiving my own good work for future references. I see results so its worth the effort. But pls, let me put it down here that i am no nutritionist, no doctor, i am still learning about myself, what works for me and what does'nt, it may be an entirely different story for you, so go find yourself. While on a weight loss trip or healthy living its best to seek professional help. But the least you can do for yourself is to commit to some kind of exercise regimen, be it just a 20 min walk each day...Lets start walking people!

• CALORIE DIARY: Writing a calorie diary each day, in excel on laptop since December’ 11. Acts as a major check ON YOUR INTAKE. Before reaching out for something unhealthy, you realize how much wrong it can translate on your calorie worksheet tomorrow. Acts like an ever present personal trainer. I maintain it in excel and fill it the next day for previous day’s intake.

• MINDFUL EATING: Stopped binging/ mindless eating on weekends, earlier I felt I could get away with some cheat foods on Sat, Sunday…since I was mindful on weekdays …..but that’s done away with. If I feel like a cheese burger, I make a brown bread sandwich, cheese slice and some crushed beans or chana, pounded chana i.e chana jor garam the roasted version, or I take some peanuts, milk or a cheese slice, some proteins that keep me full for real long. Planning meals was never this easy. More on that later.

• GOOD PROTEINS: Lotsa Good proteins in my diet now, kala chana soaked and pressure cooked for 4 whistles, soyabean daal, curd, milk, paneer (homemade), rajma!

• Breakfast is mostly proteins, occasionally I take oats and milk.

• Start my day with a fruit and some almonds

• My schedule:
-fruit and nuts……6.30am
- protein bfast with milk…8.30am
-if hunger strikes: peanuts roasted/orange/handful grapes/curd/roasted black chana with
Husk/carrots/cheese slice./ oats if I’m home
- lunch-……………….1.00 1 bowl dal/some veggie without potato, 1-2 roti and lotsa salad
- dinner………………6.30pm, kala chana dal/ soyabean dal/ any other lentil with salad, occasionally roti
- milk/ veg soup….8.30 pm

• NIRVANA THROUGH WALKS: Off late my walks have increased to four times a week, this me time helps me get a grip on what I am doing in life, sort of recap of the past day, what I could do more, where I should invest my mind, and energy etc. It charges me big time, I have greater and better ideas, I am so energized, I am happier, I smile more, and I am so relaxed.

• OILS: Found a list of oils to avoid on the website kriskris
Cottonseed oil
Grapeseed oil
Sunflower oil
Safflower oil
Soybean oil
Canola oil
Walnut oil
Corn oil

Options I am left with are mustard oil, peanut oil, olive and occasional ghee.

• SOYABEAN: Need to explore soy dishes more considering it is good for the heart.
Soyabean lentils
Soya nuggets in pulao, cutlets, sandwiches, salads,
Soy milk occasionally

• EASY SOUP: Started veggie soup each evening except on lazy Sundays . I cook tomato, carrot, onion, garlic, beans, cabbage soup everyday, don’t put it through mixer, just strain it through a sieve such that not an iota of liquid is left in the leftover veggies. Use veggies left to cook delicious parathas.

• MEAL SCHEDULER: All the above needs little planning the previous night. With a busy work and social life, I make a schedule like this which helps immensely. I stock my pantry accordingly:

Day Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner Milk








• STIR FRY: I do more of stir frying than intense frying (bhuno) in oil etc. Oil spray bottle is immensely helpful for controlled usage. The great Indian dal tadka or waghar is being done in half teaspoon peanut oil which used to be at-least 2 to 3 teaspoon of ghee.

• YUMMY SALAD: Have started eating my spinach and cabbage raw in salad, add some finely chopped green beans also.don’t eat the cooked version anymore. A beautiful salad with a soaked and pressure cooked kala chana dal/ soyabean dal along with chopped onion, dash of lime, salt, coriander, chilli and sometimes roasted cumin powder is sooooooo yumm!

• 1/3 RULE: Even when I crave for tea, I only finish 1/3rd of my cup. Sinful food, same law

• PANEER: Paneer is a great dinner if taken in moderation. i mostly take it raw/ stir fried.

• OATS: Have started oats, simply loooooooove it, dunno why had’nt liked it the first time.


  1. hi riya.. i have been wanting to loose weight since god knows how many months now, but I always put it off.. this post has inspired me to take actions! better to do something before I start looking like a pumpkin! lol..

    Bdw, how do you calculate the calories in your diet? And pls do a picture post on the 'yummy salad'..

    thnx :)

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