Friday, March 30, 2012

Mommy's insight

All of us working tribe have those wonderful lil secrets (read skills) up our sleeve that helps us multitask so very well. We all are masters at it and keep getting better each year. I for one will enlist gradually all that comes to my mind that has helped me ace at work and give my best to my family also. I don’t want to sound preachy, but what I write in this post has been learnt over the past few years I have been working and this has come through my own trials and errors. Following these tips is easier than finding yourself loaded with emergencies, anxiety and stress.

1 . Wake up early maybe even 30 minutes before you usually do. It will make a difference to your whole day.

2. Hire competent maids even if they have an attitude, pamper them and bear with them, if they are good. Use your mind to rake up employee retention schemes and customize to suit your maids requirements and your own financial capacity. No point in scooting for a new one every 8 months, after she’s all trained. More on that later.

3. Shop for consumables for an entire month, do make a list of what all you need and take it in one shot, except for the perishables. I personally hoard for 2-3 months. I have a custom made toiletries, pantry, personal care and household list which I dig out when required, saves unnecessary huffs and puffs when you see there’s no shampoo left for the kiddo.

4. Keep some chocolates, chips, a small new toy etc hidden somewhere in your office bag. As a mom you know when these come in handy.

5. Save for the weekend: Beauty Parlor appointments, visiting guests who seek an appointment in advance, fancy meal preparations, spring cleaning, arranging the wardrobe clothes for some order etc. etc.

6. Keep a first aid box at home especially for the kid. Do check the expiry of medicines therein.

7. Have something soothing when you get back home after work. Lassi/ lemonade/ chaach, lemon tea, nariyal paani are good options. Don’t just immediately jump into action!

8. Be civil, patient and understanding with your child. Treat her/ him as an individual and with dignity. You will be surprised to see how much better they grow and respond.

So ladies, what is your secret to a organized, happier and calmer you?


  1. Pampering the maids...he he..such a true thing Man! I so very agree with the 8th point! :)
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    1. Finding a good one and retaining her tests my managerial skills optimally! Phew.....!

  2. Very nice Riya !! I sometimes wonder what and all a woman had to do. I never felt the pressure on my working mom when I was a kid. But I do now. Nice post Riya.

  3. Same here Suganya, even i never realised what all my mom did until i had my own lil one. Thanks for ur encouragement.

  4. Hey Riya! Would be really interested to know more as to what all tasks does ur maid do.. I mean a brief breakdown of whats the work assigned to u n what do u assign her?

  5. As a mom and wifey i have everything at home assigned to me, while my indispensable maid does the cleaning, dishes etc. around the house. But what she does cant be done by anyone else, so for us working tribe our maids are a godsend.....