Friday, March 2, 2012

What's in the tiffin mommy?

Kids are pretty choosy about what they eat. With time I now know what my 3 year old likes to eat and how to disguise the veggies. From the very beginning I have been giving her fruits and veggies, it started with soups and stews, then purees, then bite size small pieces which can be eaten easily and don’t choke.

If you have planned your menu in advance and do some weekend preparation as I mentioned here, these tiffin ideas barely take 5 mins to dole out. I grate thin carrots in poha and upma. I try to squeeze in cheese in most meals. I usually avoid refined flour (maida) or junk food and only use whole wheat bread.

Trick is to rotate and give variety in breakfast to ensure she’s excited to open up her tiffin. There’s always some small bite size seasonal fruit, tiny pieces of carrot in that li’l pink box. Below are some of my all time favorite options for kiddo tiffin and I have promised myself to recap the recipes of all mentioned below:

1. Daliya (cracked wheat upma) with lotsa veggies

2. Stuffed paratha: cheese, aloo, methi, spinach, bathua, paneer, gobhi, soya nuggets

3. Vegetable croquette or vegetable cutlet with potato, soya, veggies and whole wheat bread

4. Sandwich: cheese, potato, mayonnaise, veggies with cheese slices in all of them

5. Moong dal chila

6. Poha with potato, peas and

7. Instant sooji idli with some jam/cheese spread

8. Sooji upma with veggies

9. Instant sooji uttapamwith veggies

10. Mixed Dal Vada: Baked / Fried

11. Mini pizza on whole wheat bread

12. French toast

13. Instant dhokla

14. Vegetable and paneer whole wheat Frankie


  1. hi.. i am a new reader of your blog! and even though I don't have kids nor am I married, I really enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Hi Riya! As usual a very nice writeup :) Although I would like to include a few more things from a Dietician's point of view and really hope it could help you.
    1) Try including different cereals like Jowar, Bajra, Jow, Ragi in your princesses' food too!

    2) You can also tweak the Chila thing by adding Suji and/or Besan to it and also veggies like Tomato, Onion, Cucumber, Green coriander leaves, Chillies, Ginger etc (as per your the taste and availability)

    As such if I want to add it'll be huge list..but till then I hope this would be helpful to you!
    Good Luck Babes..You for sure are a rocking Mum!

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    1. Thanx nidhi! Although we use multigrain ata to make rotis and parathas so we are already using all u mentioned alongwith corn. Aashirwad Multigrains ata is really good.

  3. Hey Riya! Well I usually prefer adding things in the atta by myself and usually limit the quantity of the mixed atta,
    because if the atta is kept for long with added things like Gram flour or Soya flour or any other flour, it leads to a bit of deterioration in the taste. But then Its all personal choice. Cya
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    1. Hi Nidhi, that does'nt happen in ready to eat packed versions available in market from leading brands, coz i know about the deterioation in taste thing that usually happens if you use different attas available and then add it urself! try pre packed versions-m using AASHIRWAAD, it tastes yum and rotis come out damn soft.