Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fitness Diary- IV

Do you go to pizza hut and start looking for a salad, without a mayonnaise dressing. Well, I did just that! When my family wanted to check out the new pizza in town, I tried to woo them to something healthier, maybe southindian- where I could do with idlis, maybe here, maybe there, but no not pizza hut, when I had spent a good ten mins preening in front of the mirror, marveling at my new waist. Of course, I had just a tiny a slice of pizza later that evening, but it made me realize that I indeed have a strong will power, I took time enjoying my salad which was really nice. It was a mix of exotic vegetables with a predominant oregano and lemon flavor. Only gripe it was a li'l more salty than required.

It took me some time to write this particular diary, coz a lot was happening. I gained half a kg , lost it back, gained more gyaan on my metabolism, fitness and here I am posting how the very busy working mom is trying to stay bang on with her fitness regime.

Brief note about self:

To start with lemme tell you that I lead a very active lifestyle. My fitness programme started in December 2011, whEn due to lack of exercise and poor eating habits my weight was shooting up. I have been keeping diary of my fitness goals and progress here, here and here. Around my house I’m doing a major chunk of activities myself. I am taking stairs at work, at home. I stand up every 30 mins from my chair at work, just walk a lil bit. I am going to park each evening with daughter for an hour where I try to pace. And above all whenever I walk I try to walk very fast, so much so that people have made fun of it, but so be it, its me who gains. I have also started getting my family outdoors more, say public parks and not malls for evening outs or on holidays. More on this in my next post. I majority of odd jobs at home and I really like it, people wonder why I do this but this is how I like it. Satisfaction guaranteed. I don’t do biscuits, chips, snacks not made at home, gathiya or sev or cookies, cakes etc. Have completely stopped frieds, maybe once in a month I may have something as sinful like as a samosa. Have even stopped having maggi and pasta, again maybe once a month. Have’nt even had whole wheat bread since ages. Would rather have a chapati. I don’t like maida i.e refined flour so no bathuras, mathri, baked cakes etc. Bake a cake once in 2-3 months that too on lil ones insistence.

Current Status:

Loving the compliments I get on my slowly downsizing (pun intented) figure.

I just double up my commitment when I am able to get into a dress which had been discarded just b'coz I could’nt fit in anymore.

Hate it when mom hides some rich gravy sabji for dinner in my daughter’s baby bag, worse when I have to pass it on to my maid.

Got 6 kurtis altered this week to fit me, lost inches you see!

I am capturing my snaps every week to see results, I am regular with the weighing scale. A trip to sore throat land increased my adrak tea, nevertheless, since I am on with my 15 sets of suryanamskaars, I feel less sinful.

Exhaustion at the end of the day’s hard work gets lost during the poses of suryanamskar, its working as a wonder drug to my body pain and fatigue. Just need to get over the initial laziness and hit the mat.

What & How:


1. Gradually decrease your portions, i used to have atleast 3 rotis in dinner, decreased to 2.5 then 2 and now i am satisfied in 1-2 rotis along with lotsa salad, big bowl of protein rich food. This gradual shift took me around 3- 4 months.

2. Had my meals at one place, not on the go, but relaxed, and at the same time each day. Take time out, relax and enjoy meals. Don’t eat while rushing out of the house, while driving, while working on laptop, while making calls, while catching the metro, walking, watching tv....Eat with family and enjoy whatever you are eating.

3. Late night dinners are my blast from the past. Don’t do it. My dinner is over by 7pm

4. I have explored soya nuggets as a great dinner, soya matar, soya paneer, soya capsicum chinese style, soya salad, endless options, very yummy and wholesome, just don’t forget to soak it in hot water for 5 minutes, prior to cooking. Squeeze out the water well. They are reeeeeeally quick to dole out. A godsend for women like me who are running against time and have a million things in head while doing some ten others.

5. Fab dinner: 1 large bowl of Nutri nuggets, capsicum, tomato, onion sautéed in half a tsp oil+ 1 glass of milk OR 1 bowl of paneer and kala chana salad + 1 glass of milk. Keeps me very full plus its nutritious.

6. 1 tsp oil, ginger garlic paste, onion sautéed, capsicum, carrot, tomato, paneer, sautéed- chinese style veggie cum paneer

7. Cook a protein dish for dinner in the morning itself coz when I hit home in the evening I’m dead tired and ravenous and this is a testing time for my healthy diet, so to avoid that I consume a steaming bowl of my favourite rajma/ soyabean dal/ kala chana dal, the moment I enter home. By the time my hunger plateau is over I’ve had a bowl of protein rich meal. At the same time I would say that it’s always best to eat freshly cooked food, but since I am really tired in the evening I have resorted to having microwave hot evening protein. But on good days I cook within 15 minutes I hit home and consume instantly.

8. My battle against potato and rice is still on, for records had two medium potatoes in last one month, was earlier having it almost everyday. Target is to wean my family from potato. No rice in past one month.

9. Have to really start sprouts of moong dal. Dash it with onion, green chilli, coriander, tomato and lemon and you are good to go.

10. Have cut down banana, potato, sugar, rice------big culprits

11. Just don’t start eating sinful food. First bite and then it is difficult to push the ‘stop’ button. So avoid and never say 'ok, just one piece’. If I start potato and say just 1 bite, I take at least 3 more, better not to have that first bite.

12. Healthy eating is the goal, even if cals are slightly higher, I have to take 2 glasses of skimmed milk a day, no matter what. I tried going under 100 gms of carb a day and increasing proteins but it somehow made me very tired and irritable, so have quit that, but i try grabbing lesser carbs and go more on proteins like eggs, milk, pulses, and paneer (twice a week), soya. I am on with 2 fruits and glass of chhach (water and curd).

13. I am still making munchy crunchy namkeen for those times when no self control works, it has chivda, corn flakes, laiyya, chana, peanuts in a tsp of oil. Tempered with hing, haldi and karri patta and salt. This is roasted for say 30 mins in low flame. I make a batch which lasts about a fortnight.


1. Keep at it, even if you slacken today, tomorrow is another day, start again. It’s really ‘never too late’ or ‘better late than never’. Never lose sight of your goal. Record results. Healthy living is for each day. You will see results for yourself, it will also help you age gracefully with fewer trips to the doc.


3. 15 mins 10 sets of suryanamaskar is nirvana.

4. Move 10-15 mins increase to 30 mins , 5 days a week

5. Keeping yourself engaged and busy is also important, i feel boredom drives you to food.

6. Continuing skipping @300 every alternate day.

There are no shortcuts to good health and a fit body. You need a balance diet, a regular workout. You also need to control your stress levels to a great extent. Try deep breathing, pranayam, bonding with friends and family, meditation. Healthy living is a choice, you can continue ignoring your deteriorating bodies and still hoard it with junk, but as you age this neglect gets back to you. Start moving now! You are definitely going to love the journey more than your destination.

The biggest mistake most people do (including myself when i was'nt that aware) is we think we have a long drawn battle ahead to lose the flab. But FORTUNATELY it's actually the other way round, it's the small small things that you do every day that really count. You start with 20 situps and gradually increase. You start taking a 10 min walk each day, you start playing around the park each day with your kid, reduce portions, stop junk and the results show. You immediately start feeling good and you wanna do more. Just take that first step and stick to it.


  1. Riya, thanks for these posts, I'm having a battle with my weight & after reading your posts I don't think it's impossible to win!

    1. Dear Uzma, many thnx. Your battle is half won when you put your mind to it. All the best and keep at it, you fail 2dy start again tom, make small changes everyday, think of what new you did to your fitness programme today..

  2. Wow! keep at it, your posts are always true inspiration. Even I struggle to find healthy options at pizza hut. they should do something about it!!

    1. Hi coral, pizza hut in my town has about three salads in their menu, and its best to go with the non mayonnaise one!

  3. HEY rIYA!
    thnk god i found an indian fitness blog. Joining u without second thoughts.

    1. Thanks, i really want to keep fit n healthy. What do you do to keep fit?

  4. I m also in same condition...increase weight due to improper eating habbits & lack of exercise.Great tips will surely follow them!!!

    1. Hi, worry you not, start with small goals and you will see results. Patience and perseverance is the mantra...Healthy living to all!

  5. hi riya.. your blog has won an award. kindly visit to accept it.

  6. hi Riya , this is an awesome post . I will follow your tips . Can you suggest some of your soya nugget recipes . I love soya . ...



    1. Khaddu, i will try to post soya recipes, a simple one has been mentioned in point no. 5 under food, will illustrate more in my coming posts. Visited your blog, you indeed have a witty writing style. All the best!

  7. Hi Riya.. M visiting your blog after long and I can see you have changed the template ..I must say its lukg nice :)
    Good Luck for the weight loss thing.. Me too going thru the same :)