Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sieze the moment: Lets live life

Sieze the moment they say, every word in this phrase is worth a million bucks.

I remember a couple of months back, i had a long day at work, had a hasty dinner and was catching up a movie with hubby late night, i was too tired to see the whole dvd, was listless n exhausted n it was late n i was busy planning things for the next day....i was unable to savour the moment, thot life is too busy, too hectic.....bla bla bla...

today i miss those very moments, my husband is out on sabbatical, studying at a business school. We miss those lovely days when we were so tired, so busy, but together. I pine for those blissful days. Now here's the catch, if today i do the same thing and feel bad about my present i will be foolish to repeat my mistake and not relish and enjoy 'the moment'. I have an adorable daughter whom i can play endlessly with. My parents stay nearby, i can bond with them. And a job i love.....I can sieze the moment, njoy it and savour it. These will be wonderful memories for tomorrow.

So friends, whatever you are doing, wherever you are, love it and do ur best and njoy doing it.

There's only one gift you must pray for and that is good health (good thing is you can get it through hard work), rest all is relative....wealth, fame, happiness, cars, jewellery, luxury, status etc. etc. etc........enjoy whatever you have and make most of it.

Do something amazing each day for yourself, for your loved ones. I plan to light up my kitchen with fairy lights tonight and do some yummy cooking for my 3 year old. What are you doing to spice up your life today?


  1. hi riya.. very truly said dear... live in the present and enjoy it completely... following u:) u have an awesome blog :) pls follow me back

    1. Ya, there's nothing like 'NOW. Thanks for the encouragement

  2. that's a wonderful post, we have to live right now, it's so nice!

  3. Its very beautiful that you are thinking it this way :) Life is what you think of it,,
    and with a lil daughter in home no day can be a dull one..right :) :)

    Keep writing :) I liked ur blog and m following it now :)

    1. Thanks Namita. Daughters can light up your whole life. They are sooo considerate about you, your feelings, even when they are sooo small!

  4. Hi Riya ..Can feel the same because at time I tend to not enjoy moments that r there..n wish for something else..
    but then I too do believ in this phrase..Seize the moment..
    Hey I own another blog too ..I think u would enjoy reading it :)

  5. Nice write up! Have such moments very often. Very few live their lives, rest juut work, eat and sleep.