Sunday, August 26, 2012

Quick Grooming Tips for the Working Mom

When we juggle so many roles, more often than not, we forget whether we are presentable, we look ok, fine or great. Reaching work on time seems more important than anything else. But its always important for your own confidence and self esteem to be well turned out. I adore the ladies working at these five star hotels, they are so damn put together, smart and groomed. Now wont it be treat for your own confidence and well being if you make little effort for a more groomed and presentable you. A well groomed woman at work cuts a smart and confident picture. You of course need to work hard professionally to climb the ladder. But a smart personality will always work in your favor.

Office Bag Must haves:

There are few staples which when kept in your handbag can save your day. You can use them while waiting during the traffic signal, in your office restroom and will keep you beautiful and charming.

1. Always keep a nice deodorant or perfume as per your liking at all times,will keep you smelling good inspite of all the running from home to school to work to meetings to lunch etc.

2. Keep in a small pouch in your office handbag which carries

A) Mini moisturizer and sunscreen bottle ready
B) light colored lippie
C) A blusher, i generally don’t apply blusher, but put a stroke or two before an important meeting or presentation etc.
D) Lip Balm
E) Kohl
F) A strand of pearls for an impromptu meeting
G) Comb
H) Face wipes
I) One nice ring, earring and a delicate chain with or without a pendant, try to coordinate all these i.e don’t wear a platinum ring, a diamond pendant and a gold earring with a silver watch please. For a more put together look at least match the color of your accessories
J) A classy watch is a must have to help you sail through anything-keep it safe in its box

General Tips:
1. Don’t wear too loud colors

2. Avoid bangles, flashy bracelets, hair accessories, loud hair ruffles etc. Try black pins, ruffles rubber bands etc.

3. Get a snazzy hair cut, you don’t know how much a nice hair cut can make or break the looks and personality. Keep them washed and conditioned.

4. If you wish to keep your hair open, please ensure non frizzy, tamed hair, a lil bit of coconut oil just after a wash is enough to control frizz in ac environment.

5. Ladies pls don’t take wet hair to work, it’s such a put off

6. Try matching your shoes and the bag.

7. Invest in a good bag, no flashy colours here also, this one will never disappoint you.

8. Keep your eyebrows trimmed, nails shaped- I personally keep them short since I do my daughter’s cooking. Avoid chipped nail paints. Or better apply 1 coat of a nude shade, wont look as bad when slightly chipped.

9. Be regular with your basic waxing regimen.

10. Keep your hands and feet moisturized.

11. Ready your ironed attire for the next morning in the previous night.

12. Always wear a smile and be courteous.

Way to go women. What are your quick tips for a charming you? Do share. Cheers to woman power!


  1. @Coral: Thanks dear!

    @Emm: Gift from Hubby, bought at US.

  2. Hey Riya nice post! Love the way you include the practical aspects..'
    Ladies pls don’t take wet hair to work, it’s such a put off'
    Keep up the great work Babez!

  3. Hi Nidhi,
    Thanks for your kind words.

  4. Hi Riya thank you for so nice post. My hairs are curvy and frizzy and I am confused what to do with them as they are not shiny. Your all tips are very nice very nice and very nice. Thanks. Please keep sharing such nice tips.
    Can you share a post on clothing tips for women.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement Sam! My hair are poker straight not that frizzy. But i will recommend olive oil massage for your hair, might help.

  5. gr88 tips....i need them badly