Tuesday, November 20, 2012

After Hours of a working mommy

Okay before I write this post I must tell u that the weather is awesome right now, there is a nip in the air and it's really pleasant, makes me wish for a picnic, only if I did’nt have other appointments today or maybe have a party at home, hot cup of chai,pop corn and gup shup. The ultimate unwind after a busy day! Talking of busy days, they are no two ways about a day at work, they need to be ‘busy’ days and that’s how I like it. After work, I often see working ladies coming back home hassled, rushing to their abodes, kids getting cranky, tearing to go play, moms clutching them to reach home….Ahh! So was my case until some time back. I used to rush home, settle daughter with some colors, waited for maids who came trooping in and by the time our chores were done it was 8’ish.

My daughter wanted to hit the park and kept requesting but by the time we got free all kids would have left the park and most times I was too exhausted to even venture out. Now I am not one of the moms to leave my kiddo anywhere alone, I am by her side, watching over her, she’s hardly 4. So in short my routine meant lost play hours for my daughter.

After some consideration we have tweaked our schedule to suit us. Back from work i take daughter to the park, the kids play some great games, some games i remember from my childhood like lock and key which is now ice and water. I usually join them and play some wonderful games in the lawn. Trust you me, the feel of green grass on your bare foot, the chase with the li’l children and the smiles of your kid, works like magic on your EOD fatigue. I also get to chit chat with my other friends from the apartment and we generally walk, gossip and catch on. Sometimes my daughter cycles and I tag along with her while chatting with other ladies. I get to relax, unwind and above all my daughter gets to spend some quality fresh air play time. I even get some of my exercise. Win- win…

I have arranged the maid to reach us by 7.00pm. Works fine. Sometimes evening jobs like utensils don’t get done, so be it,,,To overcome my after office hunger pang, I consume a bowl of curd before I leave from work, sustains me for good 1-1.5 hours.
So what do u all mommies do after work? What are your after hours like?

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