Friday, January 18, 2013

How does the mommy rise up the corporate ladder

We do not have flexi timings where i work. Its defined work hours. I have been able to contribute to the organization i work for, significantly...(so i think). Yet, i strictly avoid late sitting in office, unless something urgent crops up. Within this time there are a gamut of targets to be achieved. So how does one do that? I make most of the limited hours available and follow some basic rules learnt from some lovely ladies i met during my career and some learnt on the way.

1. Reach work on time

2. Do not participate in office politics, more energy than you think is lost in the process! You lose your work hours big time

3. Let your work speak for you

4. Don’t bitch

5. Keep at it, your superiors will recognize your good work sooner or later

6. Stop procrastination, the task that you have been avoiding for real long is not that complex. All you need to do is open that file and start NOW

7. Save your holidays. Might be useful when your kiddo might need you. Learnt this from a senior colleague in office

8. Volunteer in new initiatives of your company

9. Undertake trainings or certification courses for self development. They will help you deliver better at work and you never know when these may prove handy, maybe when you are hunting for a new job.

10. Be a self starter, initiate new ideas and find better ways for doing the same job.

11. Avoid surfing the net.

12. Smile and work with your team, not against them

13. Enjoy whatever you do and give your best


  1. what a lovely compilation and that too it's experience gained from years of hard work :) thanks

    1. Hi Coral, thanks for the kind words. Ya been working for last 10 years, so learnt something each day.

  2. Hi Riya,

    I have been a silent follower of ur blog from past two months. was searching for some weight loss tips and ur blog really motivated me to started all over again.

    I had few queries to ask (again related to weight loss). If it is not of too much trouble could you please give me ur e-mail id :)

  3. Hi Shilpa, regret the delay. My email is Let me tell yu that i am not a nutritionist or a doctor. Take care n be healthy!

  4. Beng a working mom with no flexi hours is tough...dont know how u do long have u been a working MOM??

    1. Working mom since past 4 years. You just need to remember what is the driving force for your working and then keep on to it, no matter what is the challenge....SORRY FOR THE DELAY IN RESPONDING, changed base location!

  5. Totally True. We waste so much of time in office in Gossips, Net surfing and etc etc. I also need to focus my efforts in office as I am not able to strike a balance between my personal and professional goals as of now..