Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mommy's Me time

Past month was over before i could blink...We were busy doing up our new place, settling down and office. Evening trips for grocery/ dec'or shopping were a welcome change but tiring. I was often frazzled and snappy. Was wondering where am i headed, why i am always irritated? The stress of doing so much, being at all places, all the time, was getting on to me. Then i started waking up before my usual time to catch up on some project. The project was over in a week, but the body clock remembered the timings, so it became routine to wake up earlier than usual. And, before i knew i started liking the calm of the mornings, the time to plan the day, the space to communicate with myself.

Ladies, at the cost of sounding preachy, do take out some time for your own selves when you will not cheelo pyaaz, or put kiddo's dolls back in the basket. You will be with yourself. Throw in a nice mug of adrak ki chai or a bubbling frothy coffee. But nothing else. No magazine, no lappy, no tv, no texting too...relax, deep breathe or just BE. See how this lil time relaxes you and readies you for the multiple roles that you play so well!

It's helped me. Start with 15 minutes and do it for your family, they need you the most.

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