Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pain and how do you ease it

Who devised the word wrong. there is nothing like wrong...these are relative situations , but we have been conditioned to think what's right n what's wrong....that's unfair...these are juxtapositions...

There are times when nothing seems to be moving the way you want to see it. You get lost in the way, there is no one to tell yu if there's any solace to ur condition n no one to help yu thru this coz its your own calling n ur decision. So what do u do? Live in the moment,,,,,drown urself in what yu feel can take ur pain away, what yu feel will bring lil joy to ur already vitiating problems and issues. So, what do you think might m yet to find ease in these....ur life ur call...but come what may baby....dont give up...u'll find ur calling. n ya time heals nothing....For me, my work gives me a lot of peace, keeps me focused, takes me miles away from the pain. So the working moms out there, there will be a day when this same job will take you out of the mess yu are getting into gradually. The same job that was just a job becomes your saviour.I was doing my work because it was respectable, brought in finances, gave me an identity,but today its 'Salvation' for me,,, it keeps me alive, active, numb and vents my pain and it vents emotions too..So friends, keep fighting and Happy working...xoxo


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  2. i agree with you there is nothing like ''wrong''...its just everyones own
    measures to judge,way of who is in pain no doubt needs single way out atleast to lessen that toughness of life....just for survival sake...

  3. Ya Aishay,,,so true...take care