Sunday, August 4, 2013

Diet or exercise?

We hear so many crash do proteins at night...some follow atkins, gm diet..list is endless...Some diets work, some dont..All I want us working moms to remember is diets are not as important as the exerise part is. Coz to b frank, working moms should'nt do fad diets, we want energy n strength to last us the whole day n more! Though fats r best avoided.

Pls take out lil time from ur busy schedules, from 20 minutes to an hour of physical activity.., You may want to work out 20 mins on weekdays but on weekend why not make it 40 mins...balance is the key., n consistency!

Pls buy yourselves some flattering gym wear, good shoes n yu r set.,.

For me good music is the only carrot....carry my headphones to gym

A good playlist ensures happy fun work out.

So what is stopping y'all.

Dont you want those inches melting away?

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