Thursday, October 3, 2013

Healthy from within

Confession time ladies...I have been eating unhealthy and piling on weight like crazy. At Hyderabad Office, my work hours are erratic, targets stupendous and food, well food...lets not even talk of that...So while i get myself back to the gym and fitness. This time around i thought to do it more holistically and slowly...Baby steps u see...since dont want to fall off the regime. Healthy from within will showcase on a weekly basis what li'l smart changes i have made in my daily life to feel healthier and fitter!

This week for finding fitness within madness i did this:

1- No leftovers to be consumed, no last nights fridge descended pizza.
2- Relaxed meals...sitdown n without smart phone within reach...MINDFUL EATING
3- Buttermilk twice a day for 11am, 4pm hunger pangs.
4- Goodbye tea/ coffee....i realised that while meeting up with clients and stakeholders i ended up gulping 7-8 cups daily...not to mention the increased numbers during month end, quarter end and crazy review meet pressure...I have started Green tea from Tata Tetley with a hint of sugar
5- 20 minute brisk morning walk

How do you all reclaim your lives back from crazy work schedules and crazier diets?


  1. Hi Riya

    I am Mehrunnisa, 30 and working as a teacher.

    Was searching some health stuff online and stumbled upon your blog. Really very impressive to note how effectively you are managing a small kid and corporate job; that too, in Indian circumstances where ladies are always supposed to deliver super-human stuff both at office and work without any respite. What's more inspiring is your zeal to bring out your experiences and making an extra effort in sharing them with people at large for benefit of larger group. Read all your blogs and got a lot of insight on health, relationships, life and commitment. You write really really well and too deep. Couldn't agree more on the title of your current blog; true, one should first aspire to be healthy from within and rest will follow.

    I also have tiny tot. She is just 1 and I am learning to strike a balance between kid and job.

  2. Hi,

    This is Zoya from France. You are right, having tea/ coffee with every visitor is the worst crime you can do to yourself. I often jokingly call it as " Occupational Hazard for Office Job". I carry a bottle of lemon water with me to accompany such visitors.

    Wish to see more blogs from you.

  3. Hi Zoya, welcome! Lemon water is great for health n skin !Keeps toxins off the system...Great tip!