Friday, October 18, 2013

Treat them li'l ones right

I have a lil one who’s shortly going to turn 5. We went to this restaurant the other day, there was a couple sitting next to us..Both parents were high on their drinks, I could just listen to Shamit, finish your plate, Shamit pls don’t stand there, Shamit eat fast, Shamit pls dont crush my saree, Shamit behave…Ugh…I pitied poor Shamit who was hardly living like a kiddo his age should! There were way too many instructions for his age...

So just thot of sharing little pointers for helping your children grow smart, happy and confident:

1. Don’t mother them too much…let them explore life( while keeping them safe)! Let them dirty their hands in the mud, let her wear that faided house skirt to an outing if she really wants. It helps them develop confidence and self esteem! Here i am not saying to let them roam around without guardian outside the house, i say that while you keep these lil ones under ur watchful eyes let them do things on their own in their own way..give them freedom of choice

2. Don’t say No as much as u do now( for starters count how many times u said No to ur child today)

3. Listen to them, as you would listen to an adult

4. Value their opinion and sometimes act on it too(when its ok and safe to)

5. Talk to them when you get back from work. Kids growing up these days have little time with their parents as both of them are busy making a living. They need to hear from you. Share how has your day been and ask them about theirs. It helps bonding and also you may get to know stuff that bothers them!

6. Don’t make them gadget freaks, let them spend their spare time playing with friends/ you

7. Make time for playing together. It could be anything from Badminton, football, cricket to snakes and ladders, ludo, carom etc…if nothing else at least ask them to walk with you outdoors

8. Smile when you look at them

9. Don’t make too much fuss when they litter around. I don’t say to not train them to be well behaved, trained in keeping their toys in their baskets kinda dolls..but once in a while…let them be!

10. Read to them. I have been reading to my angel since she was hardly 3 months old…It has helped her vocabulary and imagination to a great extent

11. Dont create a lot of pressure for them. I see parents of slightly older kids, pushing their youngsters from dance class to swimming to painting...Hey, hold on...Ask what your child wants to learn, does he really look forward to these classes? If yes then great, if no then maybe u need to do a reality check! The pressure to learn these many hobbies sometimes gets way too much for the little ones

12. Dont fight with ur spouse in front of them..they hate it n are really scared of these outbursts

13. Dont yell at them, talk softly and with respect

14. Lastly, try a little harder to wean them off too much of tv viewing..involve them in at home arts n crafts..painting greetings for near n dear ones...wrapping gifts...hang their crafts n paintings prominently in your house....

Love them unconditionally and tell them you are there for them ‘no matter what’. That’s what papa said to me when I was just beginning college and that really helped me overcome a lot of my fears and pumped me with great confidence! Pls share how you already so busy moms are helping your children grow up?

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