Sunday, January 12, 2014

Life- lets live

We all have our good and bad days...Unfortunately my bad have overweighed my good...but papa always said tough times dont last but tough ppl trying to stay afloat amidst madness..weight loss programe going good...except few binges on bdays etc...1200 calories is the daily intake...walks n suryanamaskar are on alongwith loads of office working n odd hours...its crazy how human beings react to adversities...some want to give in..some just want to use the last skill within them to survive..m a fighter...I take time to assimilate whats going on but after that I just want to fight n survive...maybe its the army genes n the abiliy to adjust comez naturally to us nomados..I hope my daughter learns this..

Its important to not forget the bigger picture when things go wrong n its important not to quit...
Life is too short..lets live

On a different note we went to srisailamm on new was awesome..if yu r in hyderabad...its a must watch...but dont forget to book haritha ap tourism resort before yu hop visiting...coz up on hills I dont think there are many optns if u arrive unannounced.

The temple is really old yet very well maintained. .ropeway..boat ride n srisailam dam make for a good weekend getaway...the drive thru the jungle is one to remain in ur hearts forever...

Until my next post stay fine ppl n live ur best life!
May god bless u n ur families...happiness to all

Happy New Year 2014!!

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