Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The skills we cant do without

By far the best skill as a working mom I have developed and still working upon is being adjusting and flexible.

Years of working in corporate taught how change management and survival is so important wherever you go. As a mom you have to learn to adjust everyday to new callings of your child and be flexible at the same time.

This skill helps raise your children and listen to their point of view n budge from ur own notions of right n wrong.

It helps adjust in new terrain, new cultures and new working environments. As a kid we traversed the country owing to dad being in a transferable job. I learnt of different cultures, cuisine, new friends every 3 years, new weather and new homes to boot. Yet the old stayed in our memory and life.

The confluence of old and new kept happening and we became ones who had a rounded view on life. Here I dont deny that we truly missed being stationed at one place like so many of our cousins did. Yet, this moving around helped me in becoming who I am today.

Because life is funny and things sometimes happen opposite to what you had planned or thought of. So in times like these being adjusting and flexible in nature helps individuals better. I am able to take up challenges and cope with life. What is ur one skill that helps you live life better n take it head on?

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