Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Little Notes to self

1. Smile and smile some more
2. I will wear my best perfume today and everyday
3. Involve myself 100% in whatever i do
4. If i dont take real good care of myself, my family suffers
5. Exercise, exerise, exercise
6. Summer hobby classes for lil one
7. Self cook evening meals with daughter, these kitchen bonding sessions where she mashes potatoes and coarse chops tomatos with blunt knife are priceless. i get to know how her day has been and her li'l fears and secrets.
8. Teach her to swim and avoid the 2 piece swimsuit she's after me (she's only 5)!
9. I know no barriers and limits to my happiness
10. I have to play loud music every single day, no matter what


  1. You go girl...heres to taking time out for our own happiness too :) I wanna try doing some of these too...n let her enjoy her 2 piece abhi!! I know thier daddies wont allow it for too long!!

    1. Lol, so true on daddy;s bit. They are one possesive lot

  2. Thats really good that you are finding time for yourself. One thing most girls don't do and end up being sad about their life post marriage and kids..

  3. I wish I could do half of these. By the way I am so sorry for being absent..I had scheduled a few posts and was really busy...So how are your Riya?

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  4. Hi Rupa, even I had been busy with a short trip to Bidar n lil ones school project. Time flies. But I manage to catch ur blog on mobile everyday. Awesomeness!