Monday, June 23, 2014

Is that me on the scale?

Managing stress and home and erratic work hours can sometimes spell disaster to your health. Enough was discussed on this blog on weight loss but this time problem at hand was more grim. Coming to Hyderabad spelt dooom to my exercise and gym and i gathered pounds. The climate forced me to gorge on rice, idli and i added no activity to the whole scenario and ended up more than i am used to being. At 6.30 pm my office boy would serve some mouth watering goodies n famished me would go weak in the knees. Before the word go, the veg roll, chips and juice were gone. I was so damn stressed for last 1 year, with the new work profile that i ignored the ever expanding waistline and the associated tiredness and pains. I frequently fell ill also. Until i looked at the pics of a recent vacation in hubby's camera and since then there has not been any looking back.

1. I am exersing 4 times a week and 2 days suryanamaskaar
2. I am constantly following websites on weightloss n fitness so that i am on track n m motivated.. Its a MUST!!!
3. I am drinking loads of water
4. Having a plate of salad of carrots and cucumber and nuts first thing in morning, this fibre keeps me full for a long time
5. I have stopped outside namkeen, snacks, sweets and rely on everything homemade
6. B4 the office boy can make me weak in knees, i strengthen myself with buttermilk and some apple/ bhoona chana
7. Dinner by 8pm max
8. Reduced my milk intake since milk is very rich in this part of the country. Instead i have started drinking 3 glasses of buttermilk each day, topped with bhuna jeera and lil salt
9. Added fibre to all my meals aka desi cucumber, carrots
10 . For snacking i take a bowl of veggies like capsicum, tomato, onion, cucumber, beans and what have u, add lil mustard sauce n salt n m good to go.

Have finally started losing weight, i have a long way to go which is 15 kgs to lose, but i dont lose heart and m here to lose it all back again. This diary shall keep me on track! What do u do for fitness n how d'yall carve time for it? Pls share.


  1. By the way where do you work:)
    I am interested to know. So much food!!!
    ANyway, I also have to lose 6 kgs...long story...i least 5 days a week.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  2. Hey thatz not in 1 day..jst options. ..btw where is that 6kg u talking about...u r sooo lean rupa..

  3. Ooo well done Riya. Recognising you have a problem (for the lack of a better word here) means you've won half the battle! Best of luck with this journey. You'll reach your goal in no time.

  4. Tx kayennat...yes true...that keeps me mindful

  5. When on a diet...haldiram's bikaneri bhujia..helps a lot..its tasty n when u start a pkt..u just cant stop, until it is riya, my dear u must try

    1. That was in a lighter vein...because I for one owe my bulk to this bhujia... nyways u must try early morning warm water with lemon n honey n include some cardio exercises in your workout regime.maybe it will help u

  6. Lol on bhujia..Thx anonymous...m doing warm water honey lemon since last 15 days

  7. It feels great when some asks where I was. I know I was a bit absent on my blog. How are you Riya? Please participate in the contest if you have time.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!