Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mom n Baby- Downtime

Miss those days when summers meant endless holidays, train journeys to Lucknow and Allahabad to our relatives place, loads of badmashi and ice creams without care about piling weight on the tummy. Phew. Today living in metros with demanding work schedules i feel bad that my daughter is not able to all that we did since my mom was free enough to take us on summer breaks. So i tried squeezing in some time for short breaks n lil treats for my daughter who has started appreciating outdoors, nature and no strict routine days. We added a day to the weekend and headed to Bidar. Must visit for people who stay in Hyderabad.

We drove down to the place which is around 140 kms from Hyderabad and loved our journey. Nesteled in the jungles of Karnataka its a great family weekend getaway. The cottages are well maintained, lake facing. You get good hygienic food and best of all no tvs are installed in the cottages. I suppose security can be beefed up coz the place is too remote. We did basket boating, a safari to see Blackbucks, some age old cycling, star gazing, saw Orion and just chilled around. Though it was a bit hot but the forest around more than made up for it. The weather was cool in evening and mornings. The cottages were air conditioned. We just lounged around, slept and ate. The evenings were terrific. They screened wild life documentaries on a big screen in open air dining area.It was like touring through the jungle safari with a mojito and french fries in hand.

On our way back touched the magnificent Bidar fort. Time stopped as i had never till date seen such a huge fort. Fantabulous. Felt like a queen inspecting my kingdom! Memorable. What did u do this summer holiday?


  1. aww.. thats cute.. spending time with kids.. miss my childhood days in kanpur too :( living in mumbai has stolen away all the fun of being in contact with nature! :) nice post dear :)

  2. Thanx supriya. Kanpur is great. How times have changed. But at least we can make best of what we have and explore nearby places.

  3. So you went near Hyderabad. i was in hyderabad for a while. Nice place...The entrance of that fort looks magnificent!

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  4. Ok! Ya hyd is gr8, awesome weather n clean city..u gotta see bidar fort to believe it..its really larger thn life