Friday, September 26, 2014


Its late n its going to be next morning..yet I m this restless soul whos discovering herself each day. I turned 35 recently and the journeys been great. Got pampered, loved and felt humbled and blessed. God up there listens and calms me and guides me each day. M I blabbering? Maybe..but its my blog. Theres this undefined fire inside to live each moment with purpose..which makes each moment beautiful. Earthiness draws me like never before. I find weaves better than zara. I dig uralis and mitti ka ceramic pottery and deepika padukone's earthy accent better than priyanka chopras fake one. Love the mogra gajra n rajnigandha. Thats me.

I m searching eternally to catch that aaha moment on my camera. I am trying to find myself. Took long but getting a hang of it.

Good night universe.


  1. I celebrated too, on 13th September :) Loved all the pictures. Happy birthday, though belated.

  2. Hi Coral. U celebrated too? Awesome coincidence. Thanks for ur wishes.

  3. Riya!!!! Belated happy birthday! And you look so gorgeous!!!! Wow! Love these clicks. All of them. How are you?

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  4. Good hon..thx..took a long time to upload selfie..:-)