Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bye Bye 2014- The year in pics

Hey I need a break and I am craving for a lil me time in the last week of 2014. M trying to work out a holiday amidst my hubby's extremely busy schedule. Lets see whether I am able to realize this holiday. Okies.

There is a change in the name of the blog. It is a challenge to live upto the expectations of being a guide when i am still figuring out how to live a better life each day. Yet this lil internet space helps me journalize my ups and downs and gives me great perspective. Moreover it keeps for posterity, for me and my readers, whatever positives that I stumbled upon or worked for. So here's to a great year gone by and the new one that's going to unfurl. I will try to be a regular here. Will post some pics of this lovely year. You have a great one!

Goa- Anniversary celebration


One of the trillion visits to Shilparamam, Hyderabad

Family watching live Bharatnatyam performance in Shilparamam, Hyderabad

Carefree holiday made even more beautiful by Marriott, Bangalore

Gift from family after a seriously bad day at work

Lil ones creative streak

Birthday at Falakhnuma Palace

Deepawali Class project for lil one's school


  1. riya u look so different in saree and suit.. and ur daughter is so adorable! nice pics

  2. Haha, ya maybe the lippe n kajal in saree made the difference. Thanx. She's a brat

  3. you look absolutely stunning in saree

  4. Thx coral. U still in dubai. Have u shifted base?