Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Growing up as an army kid, we changed schools, friends, homes, neighborhood every 3 years. It never felt starnge and we sort of looked forward to meet new people, places, new food, new rooms, new everything. As if this newness will take away all negative and make space for better. But as i grow old, my heart looks forward to change yet resists the same in mind. So why this duality? Guess its got to do with the comfort level we reach doing the same things over and over again. It makes us feel secure to be with the same set of people, same routine, same challenges (which will be victories with a lil work ;-)), it helps us expect the expected, while the unexpected scares us.

Yet, the heart will always leap to do something new, something more, push a little harder, rough it out, go out of the comfort zone and create the unbelievable. How you reach your balance is totally an individual calling. Nevertheless, it is magical when you reach out for new beginnings and sometimes even create history.

On a different note, its raining a lott in Hyderabad and the weather is awesome. Time for a nice book, adrak chai, methi bhajiya and loads of chit chat with family!!



  1. wow, army kids! I used to have a roomie in college who was brought up army style. She was amazing !!! I loved listening to her talk and reminiscence their way of life. how she had to move so many schools, transfer, the difficulty yet the resilience of their lives. Your post resonated the same thing .

  2. Hi coral, Army kid or not we all have to face changes in life and i am sure it makes way for self development

  3. hi.. i am from an air force background.. life was pretty much the same as you but my younger sis came, parents decided to settle down at one place for our education needs and mom's job, while papa roamed the country. .this too was a change to be able to meet papa once a while.. made us independent and strong and ready to face the world as i am today! :)