Wednesday, February 3, 2016

So many woes- one solution

These days a major part of my day is spent on the streets of Hyderabad. Its really hot and scorching sun here, but luckily no madness of the winters of North. I am happy to have come here. The glamour of Hitec City, the quiet of Hussain Sagar, the pristine Golconda, the hustle bustle of Chaar Minar and the awesome roads and numerous gardens makes for a nice city. Amidst the city's goodness i yearn to be a a child again, i long to visit the cities which acted as platforms to send me here, Lucknow, Allahabad, Kanpur, Jabalpur, Rajkot, Dhrangadhara. Small cities, little pleasures, no traffic snarls and loads of time.

I wonder that in spite of reaching where i wanted to, in life, why i don't feel complete and at peace. Why something is always missing. Why i long to go to a quaint town n stay in a rural setting. Sometimes i yearn to be just a housewife and no daily targets and meetings etc. etc. Sometimes i feel fortunate to be working and earning for myself in a stable job. Yet this dualism never stops.

Why human being is never satisfied. Why he wants what he does not have? These yearnings throw me off balance at times, but i have found sitting in silence and yoga to be good solutions for an ever working, wandering being. Deep breathing also helps.

Another perspective could be that we keep evolving constantly, so what interested us 10 years back, we move to something else. We evolve n renew frequently, all that's required is to re-evaluate current reality with aspirations and how to go about it.

So how do u guys stay grounded and at peace?


  1. I keep yearning for something all the time. When I reach a goal, I end up wanting something else. This never stops, right. i try to stay grounded and focus on being in the present and try to remember how thankful i am for everything. It's difficult though and I keep straying off. i think that's the part of the complexity that is life. :) love your thoughts

  2. Hi Coral, so true. N that is life indeed!
    Keeping your interests alive also matter.
    Being thankful is priceless!

  3. Hi Riya...How are you? I have not been able to talk to my fellow bloggers for a long time now. I will try to stay updated now. Why haven't you posted something new recently? Please do, I would love to read. I am sure others also wait for your posts.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  4. Hi dear, i got back to the blog after ages to update n connect back. So happy to see your message here. Will start posting soon