Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Fitness secret

This, dear ladies, you should never ever forget.

Promise yourself to exercise for 2 weeks without break. You will get used to the energy, the lightness and the shrinking waist line. And, the effort you put for exercising will make you to constantly monitor your food intake, so there is always a voice asking you whether what u r planning to gulp down adds any value. So it becomes a vicious circle. You keep eating better and exercise as well. After 2 weeks there is no looking back. But be sure that you hang on for 2 weeks, rest will come automatically to you. Meanwhile there are several apps online to track your fitness. Keep it on your cell, visit it often n take inspiration and log updates. Increase water intake, fibre, raw food, whole wheat.

I lost 2 kgs last month.

So whats stopping you


  1. Your post came at the right time. i started yoga past week. i have also been experiencing burn out and stress from work, home, marriage, people around me. Was at the point of letting the yoga class go today and felt like not ever going back.this post was a good pump up for me. thanks
    congrats on the weight loss of 2kg!!! that's wow

  2. Hi coral, its really about your next exercise, next healthy meal. Focus on positives and hang in there! All the best, love !!